Defensive Doctoring

Every year, an estimated two hundred thousand patients lose their lives from medical error. It is one of the leading causes of death in the US. The number of patients harmed—not killed—by error is even higher. Lawsuits can and do arise therefrom.

The effort to avoid suit is called, in the healthcare industry, “defensive doctoring.”

Every year, over a quarter of a million children are taken from their parents by Social Services. The taking can be—and is—done on a preemptive basis; and can be justified by the most arbitrary of reasons. The taken child then becomes the fulcrum of a tremendously coercive power: “Do as we say, or you will never see your child again.”

What percentage of children are taken from their families as a coverup for medical error? The answer to that question is “confidential.” However, I am a firsthand witness of exactly such an occurrence: In the hospital, my son was the victim of gross medical incompetance. I expressed my concern to the doctors. Social Services was called in, specifically to prevent me from criticizing the actions of the doctors. Child Protective Services (CPS) was highly effective in that regard. They prevented a lawsuit against the hospital that nearly killed my son, paralyzed his body for a year, and his legs for four years, based on a “treatment” that imposed arbitrary pain, and insisted on belief. Great pain was caused. Permanent harm was done. Accountability was naught.

In the course of the intervention by CPS, I continued to try to advocate for my son with the sole request that he be allowed qualified medical care. I was thwarted at every turn. External authority was forcefully ruled out, to the degree that it contradicted the claims of the hospital.

I want every person on earth to know what was done. I want to hold the perpetrators to account, and make sure that this never happens to another family, another child. Help me take a stand for family rights. Read my book. Sign my petition.


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