When something really, really bad happens in your life, what do you do? I’m talking about the worst shit imaginable! Something so bad that it literally ruins your life. How do you deal with it in a positive way? (The question also has to be, how do you deal with these bad circumstances, before and during, not merely what do you do after.)

By analogy, how do you take manure, and translate its benefits into healthy plants?

Manure has to undergo a process before plants can use it. Likewise, the disasters in our life undergo a process that can render them valuable to the individual, and to the community. What is that process?

I will argue that understanding and communication have fundamental roles in resolving our problems, however serious those problems may be. And I will argue, that those are also important factors before and during the problem. That is where my detractors take issue, and that is what this story is about. Their position was, and is, that understanding and communication are to be avoided. At least to the degree that it opposes their views.

To me, that position sounded (and sounds) like monkey business, and I begged to differ. But that only affirmed their need to step in, to do more of what I complained about; because I’d have to be crazy to disagree with them, to find fault, to criticize! My failure to consent—to ignorance and silence—was what provoked their authority.

Their position was for me to shut up, and get on with it. I see that as exactly the problem in the first place! This book is my attempt to undo the process of ignorance and unreason, by reporting the facts.

I might get in trouble again. I need a lot of people to know what is going on, or I might get more of the same—of what this story describes.

They will argue that the way to avoid more of the same is to do as I am told—shut up and get on with it.

Sorry, no can do.

If you ask me, I would say that they have something to hide. Basically, my story is an exposé of their dirty little secret. Except that it’s not little. Not for my family, and not for the hundreds of thousands of families that are treated likewise.

I need to churn up attention. There is an aeration process that has to take place.

Let the horror show begin. Read my book.


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