The Story, Briefly

As medical care becomes a function of institutions, rather than of private practice, it is likely that the doctor you visit will have more loyalty to their employer, than to the patient.

On a personal level, this book answers the question: how do you rise, when you’ve been beat down so bad you can hardly breathe? The first thing to notice, is that this is not a new problem. A great many people have addressed it. The answer, in short, is: you talk about it. First, anyway. That is the healthy way to deal with problems. Significantly, therein lies the great divide that underlies the conflict of this story. Great effort was made to ensure that the events recorded in the story were not talked about.

The Constitution deals with rights and wrongs, and it is no accident that the First Amendment is, well, first. Speaking out, telling the truth, is fundamental to resolving injustices. My story is a petition to the government for redress of grievances, exactly as provided for in the Bill of Rights. This story is both about rising from the ashes, and is itself the means by which I rise. This is my story:

My thirteen-year-old son took ill, and didn’t recover. After nine months, his mother and I took him to a prestigious hospital. There, his treatment was shockingly incompetent. He declined, rapidly and radically. He quickly worsened, and became almost completely paralyzed, over a period of four weeks

I said, “You are harming him!”

They said, “You can’t say that!”

The story procedes from there. Their position was soon enforced by the State. My position was obstructed. We didn’t talk about him being harmed, we talked about what I couldn’t say.

The State intervened, to “protect” my son from abuse. Instead, they enforced abuse. They claimed that their medical care was the only qualified medical care. Instead, they  obstructed qualified medical care. Great harm was done, great suffering endured, great expense incurred.

If their actions had been committed by an individual, that person would be behind bars for life. If committed by a foreign terrorist, that terrorist would be in Gitmo getting a taste of their own medicine. And yes it was that bad! But because it was done by the government, there is no accountability or redress. I am not even supposed to talk about it!

That‘s what the book is about. That’s what this blog is about. I’m talking about it. Help me hold their feet to the fire!


2 thoughts on “The Story, Briefly

  1. In the ancient days, wisdom was conveyed in story telling and parables. This amazing book is neither and both at the same time, one of the paradoxes of life that itself signals truth. The story is about a loving mother who surrenders her child to the medical establishment, only to see him get worse under their care. This is not so bad, as humans are known to fail. but what follows is horror, a virtual physical and emotional torture in the name of medicine, justified by tribal rule — what we are doing is right, and we’ll punish you if you protest. The loving papa-bear-father protests and is threatened and punished — the medical wagons circle up, and instead of owning they’d made a bad diagnosis, they scape-goated the father and legally restrained him from being the father the boy needed him to be. Even more so, the story is about a very courageous adolescent boy who overcomes all odds and heals his body through sheer determination and grit. The story is ongoing, and the boy turned young-adult is again walking, playing music, and leadng what appears to be a normal life, finding the life he once dreamed of. But his anger is unfinished, as the world turns. Like looking for grains of sand that reveal what beaches are like, one can often find meaning by exploring the ocean of life, and leaving the trail of scabs to wash ashore. After all, life is a journey, and we all share one truth — we never know when it will end, or be obliterated by human stupidity. But he’s laughing and smiling again, and he’s one of my all-time favorite people.

  2. I have read this book and completely outraged that the doctors, CPS and the courts and lawyers totally screwed the parents of this child supposedly in protective custody. I have never heard of doctors that did not encourage second and even third opinions from other doctors or experts in their field. Everyone should know that something like this could happen to them. I do hope the boy can get on happily with his life.

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